Meet our Director

Viknes began her Waldorf journey during the early stages of Covid-19 when she joined the Waldorf Steiner School Singapore to establish much-needed administrative processes.

While she has always believed in the power of alternative education, Viknes’ professional career began in aviation. She was the leader of the training administration team and held responsibility for recruiting all pilots. In addition, she is a certified para counsellor for airline crisis victims, played an essential role in the airline’s crisis management team, and trained others in crisis response.

In 2021, when the Waldorf Steiner School Singapore was facing closure due to the pandemic, Viknes wanted nothing more than for the school to remain open. With this goal firmly set, she established Lotus Bloom, a place where every child can become the best person that they can be.

Viknes Kadirval
Subjects: Relief art and handwork (Full-Time)

Senior Management Staff

Born and raised in Beijing, China, Anan grew up in a bilingual environment. She went to the University in the UK, and after completing her graduate degree, she studied law for her Master’s degree. Anan started her career by joining KPMG as an auditor and became a qualified chartered accountant. She and her family relocated to Beijing after her older son was born. They then moved to Hong Kong two years later. 

Anan joined Waldorf Steiner School Singapore two years ago as a Chinese teacher. With her experiences, she hopes to grow and blossom together with Lotus Bloom.

Anan Christie

Principal and Chinese teacher

Subjects :  Art  and Chinese as a second language (Full – Time)

Our Teachers

Koh Wee Hoon (Sita Pavan)

Art & Play, Movement & Rhythm Teacher

Subjects : Art and Play , Movement and Rhythm (Full – Time)

Sita believes that children are big souls in little bodies, that they have a natural radiance and inner light, and are some of our greatest teachers. She feels completely at home in the holistic space where children’s creative, spiritual and moral dimensions are honoured as fully and richly as intellectual ones.

As an inner child integration therapist, and teacher of Reiki and yoga, Sita’s work is rooted in self-empowerment. She finds deep fulfilment in helping adults and children regain their inherent state of being with a compassionately conscious mind-body-spirit approach.

Sita is the mother of two beautiful boys, and enjoys poetry, photo art and long walks amongst nature.

Miss Sakthi Baavani

Class Teacher

Subjects : Art, English, Handwork, Movement and Sports, Mathematics and Music (Full – Time)

Miss Sakthi started her teaching journey at the tender age of 18 when she used to tutor students around her neighbourhood. Teaching has always been her passion, as she hails from a family of teachers. Imparting knowledge in the most fun way has been ongoing research for her even before training at the National Institute of Education. After graduating from NIE, she started working in primary schools for five years before leaving for the USA, where she began teaching Indian classical vocals to young kids. 

Her strong belief is that learning through stories and songs is the most impactful for kids. Sakthi hopes to be an inspiring human being living in joy.